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McLaren Bakers Forfar

McLaren Bakers Forfar

McLaren's Bakers Forfar

Family History

McLarens Bakery has spanned six generations since opening in 1893.

  • James McLaren, born 1851 died 1918 (married in 1872)
  • William McLaren, born 1875 died 1941
  • William McLaren, born 1904 died 1975
  • William McLaren, born 1940 married 1960
  • Allison McLaren nee Kerr, born 1940
  • Karen Murray, nee McLaren, born 1961 married 1982
  • Sarah Murray, born 1990

James McLaren served his apprenticeship with Jolly the Bakers in Queen Street, Forfar. He opened his own Bakery in Market Street in 1893.

His first son, James, died in 1894. His second son, William, worked with him and took over running of the business in 1918.

William McLaren William (b. 1904) started in the bakery when he was 13 years old taking over the running of it in 1941. William (b. 1940) started work in 1955, going into partnership with his father in 1963 and taking over the business in 1969 on his father’s retiral.

He was joined by his wife Allison as a partner in 1979 and by their daughter, Karen in 1990. Allison retired in 2000.

Sarah began her journey with McLaren’s in 2011.

House above the Bakery

The house above the bakery was completed in 1902. The shop at 8 Cross was bought in 1971 from William Smith, Butcher (Kinloch). Extensions to the Bakery were made in 1971 and 1982. The shop at 9 High Street, Kirriemuir was bought in 1991.